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COVID visit information

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges for our communities, both globally and within Canada. In order to deliver a safe overall Ziptrek experience we have implemented several changes to our typical operating procedures.

As such, it will look slightly different at Ziptrek as we follow the physical distancing and health and safety guidelines laid out by the relevant Health Authorities. Main categories are covered off here, but please see our FAQs for more information in relation to our operation, or feel free to contact us directly.


  1. Employees will complete health screening before starting their shift to ensure they are in good health.
  2. Employees will be wearing PPE including face shields, masks and gloves during the tour for your safety and will have sanitizer available. Where possible our employees will be working behind plexiglass barriers.
  3. All guest equipment will undergo cleaning after each use, and remain out of use for the remainder of the day (ensuring single guest use per day).
  4. Enhanced sanitation protocols at all key touchpoints, along with sanitizer being made available where appropriate.
  5. Guests will only be allowed to participate with their own bubble. That’s your family or group you travelled to Whistler with. PLEASE NOTE: Each bubble group requires at least 1 Adult (19 years & older).
  6. Guests will be provided with individual face masks, but may also bring their own. Face masks will be mandatory when interacting with our employees and if you come across other groups. But you are welcome to remove your mask safely as you move through the rest of the tour with your own group.
  7. We have added some COVID-19 specific content into our Release of Liability Waiver that must be accepted in order to participate.  If any guest cannot indicate agreement to the statement they will not be allowed to participate and will receive a full refund.
  8. Tours will be predominantly self-guided (between zips). Guides will still connect, launch and land guests on any zipline. The tour route will be clearly waymarked with signage, and staff will be patrolling the course to ensure guests stay on track.



  1. If you have traveled outside of Canada, you are not permitted at our facility until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days.
  2. If you are feeling unwell in any way, please do not come to our facility.
  3. If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to our facility.
  4. For details on the symptoms, visit
  5. Please practice social distancing at all times (6ft apart from each other) NO handshaking, NO hugging, NO Hi-Fiving, etc.
  6. Please bring your own water, as we will not be able to provide any on course. Your water bottle must be able to be secured to your harness with a carabiner. We will provide the carabiner. If your water bottle is not suitable, you will not be allowed to bring it.
  7. Use the restrooms in the Carleton Lodge or Pan Pacific Mountainside Hotel before heading out on tour, there are no washroom facilities available on course



For a detailed explanation of what to expect when you visit, please watch this video:


The easiest and fastest way to make a reservation is online. As a bonus, this method is completely contact free and social distancing is guaranteed. You may also call us by dialing 1-866-935-0001.

For our Falcon tour, your reservation will be for a departure window. This means that rather than your tour departing at a specific time, you may arrive to check-in for your tour anytime during the departure window you have booked provided you have checked-in beforehand.

Our physical check-in location (see below) is not equipped to handle reservations. Please make your reservation online or over the phone.


Think of your tour experience like checking in for a flight. Certain steps must be completed before you show up. In order to check-in for your tour, you will need to have completed your digital waiver. 

Therefore, signing your digital waiver in advance is mandatory (links provided in confirmation emails sent). This greatly reduces check-in time and also reduces the number of physical interactions required.


Check-in for your tour occurs at our outfitting base, which is located adjacent to the Excalibur Gondola, right at the base of Whistler Mountain, in Whistler’s main village. For a visual you can visit our Find Us page.

Please do not arrive to check-in before your tour departure window, as we’d like to limit the number of gatherings at our outfitting base. For more information, and a detailed description of your departure (or booking) window please visit our FAQs page and read "Arriving for your Tour and What is my Booking Window?" 

When you arrive to check-in for your tour, a member of our team will verify that you have completed your waiver form and the check in process. If you have not completed your waiver form you will be directed to do so.

Once verified, you will be given a mask which you must wear when you interact with our staff on tour.

A self-harnessing procedure has been established to limit contact, but there will be both instructional signage and staff to assist.

Our outfitting guide will ensure each guest’s harness is correctly fitted prior to your departure. Guests who are struggling will be offered additional assistance.


  1. Remember to please use a restroom before heading out on tour, as there are no washroom facilities available on course, nor water stations.
  2. We will be offering very limited storage for guest belongings and cannot guarantee availability of storage space. For this reason, please leave all large items behind. We recommend only bringing a cell phone or camera with you on tour so you can capture the experience.




Guests then proceed to the Whistler Gondola for travel up Whistler Mountain. Starting September 8th - transport up the mountain will be via vehicle shuttle, as the Whistler Gondola will be closed for the season.

When you reach the mid-station, you will exit and walk to the launch of the first zipline.

Follow the trail signage to the first launch deck, where your launching guide will be stationed. 

Only one group at a time is permitted on the launching and landing platforms.

Once having zipped the first zipline, and you are safely disconnected from the zipline you will proceed to trail walk to the next zipline following the wayfinding signage. 

Travel at your own pace between ziplines, but please ensure you are practicing physical distancing if you encounter other groups. 

Travel on trails will be one direction. 

When visiting viewing decks maintain safe physical distancing. 


This tour is now closed for the season (as of September 13th).

After checking in at the base of the Excalibur Gondola (the same location that Falcon guests check in, noted above) guests will be issued with an RFID lift pass and be instructed to walk to the Blackcomb Gondola.

For those that require it, wayfinding instructions (complete with maps) will be provided. Follow the sidewalk on Blackcomb Way to the upper village and our outfitting location next to Blackcomb Gondola. 

Once outfitting is complete, board the Blackcomb Gondola and ride all the way to the top (approx 15 minutes).

Exit the gondola to the right and head towards the shuttle pickup area. Look for the Ziptrek flags. If there is no shuttle, please wait - it is probably dropping off another group.

Once you shuttle down to the designated drop-off point, you will exit and walk to the launch of the zipline.

Follow the trail signage to the launch deck, where your launching guide will be stationed. 

Only one group at a time is permitted on the launching and landing platforms.

Once having zipped, and you are safely disconnected from the zipline you will proceed to trail walk to Olympic Station for download back to Whistler Village. 

Follow the purple arrows and waymarked trail to Whistler Village Gondola. You may encounter guests on the Falcon Tour heading the opposite direction to you. Please give them space to pass. Travel at your own pace on the trail, but please ensure you are practicing physical distancing if you encounter other groups.

Ensure you enter the gondola station via the download entrance (the far side).

Get on the gondola and ride it to the bottom (approx 8 minutes).

Exit the gondola and head to the right, towards the orange Ziptrek container where you checked in for your tour.

At the Excalibur Gondola base guests will return their RFID passes and be de-harnessed.


Once your tour is completed. You will deharness back at the base of mountain in the main village, and can proceed to your next planned destination.

No photography services will be provided at this time, so there is no need to re-visit the retail location.