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Didn't get a chance to checkout your photos after your tour?  Use your tour confirmation number - you can find it in your email, or on your paper receipt - to find your photos.  If you can't find your confirmation number, our Guest Services team can help.

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More Information

A confirmation number is required to find photos for your convenience and privacy.  If you can't view your photos online, here are some possible reasons.

Already Purchased Photos?

Links and information for viewing, downloading, and sharing your photos can be found in your email.  If you have other questions about your purchased photos, connect with our partner service PicThrive via e-mail or by visiting their site.

Were pictures taken on your tour?

Photography is only available on Bear, Eagle, and Mammoth tours during the summer season. 

Do you have the right confirmation number?

If you provided an email address when you booked, each message you received from us about your tour will contain your confirmation number.  You can also find your confirmation number at the top of your paper receipt if you booked in person.  As always, our Guest Services team can always help you find your confirmation number.

Technical Issues

Somewhere between the forest canopy and your screen, things can go wrong that may not allow your photos to be captured, uploaded, and/or viewed.  Let us know as many details as you can (date, time, confirmation number, error message) and we'll try to fix it for you.

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