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On Tour Video

At Ziptrek we have an easy option available for capturing video of your individual experience on tour.


* Available Year-Round. 

Outfit yourself with a GoPro® and capture your Ziptrek experience in 4k Ultra-HD Video!

GoPro® cameras are made available for any Ziptrek guest who wishes to capture  video of their zipline tour experience (subject to availability).  

It’s simple – cameras will be provided to you at check-in with all the necessary attachments and instructions. For the duration of 1 complete tour, you have the opportunity to capture some amazing and memorable footage. Guests need to pre-purchase the video footage before starting the tour, and will be provided with the associated SD card at the end of the experience. Pre-purchase can be arranged in-person with our Guest Services team or online during the booking process.



GoPro® Video SD Card:$40.00

All prices displayed are subject to GST and PST.

Feel good about your purchase: Ziptrek will donate 10% from every GoPro® and branded merchandise purchase to a charity of your choice. After making a purchase you will be presented with a token representing our donation, use this token to vote from a selection of rotating charitable organizations that are selected by our team monthly!


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