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On Tour Photo & Video

At Ziptrek there are few options available in terms of capturing your individual experience on tour.


There are staff photographers stationed at specific points on the Tour who take still action photos of each guest. This occurs on the Bear and Eagle Tours only. There is no stationed photographer on the Sasquatch Tour. Guests have the option to purchase still photos post tour, where they also have the opportunity to preview the shots that were captured.

Photos are captured during our summer season: Victoria Day (end of May) until Thanksgiving (mid-Oct).

Please note: There is no guarantee that the photos captured will be to the guest's liking, and there is no obligation to purchase the photos on offer. Guests are allowed to bring their own cameras, phones, or small hand-held video recorders to capture their own footage. In fact we encourage guests to do so, given the spectacular scenery and how unique Ziptrek is in general. Guests who do bring their own camera phones, hand-held videos or GoPros are responsible for them. Those who prefer to leave them behind can do so as well, where they will be safely stored while on tour, along with any other valuables. On rare occasions, no photos may be taken. This could be the result of a staffing situation, or equipment issue. 


* Available Year-Round

Outfit yourself with a GoPro® and capture your Ziptrek experience in 4k Ultra-HD Video! Reserve yours today!

GoPro® cameras are made available for any Ziptrek guest who wishes to capture  video of their zipline tour experience (subject to availability).  

It’s simple – cameras will be provided to you at check-in with all the necessary attachments and instructions. For the duration of 1 complete tour, you have the opportunity to capture some amazing and memorable footage. Guests have the option to purchase the associated video capture post tour, which includes the SD Card.



1 Digital Photo - $30 (Includes a collection of bonus Ziptrek gallery shots)

Unlimited Digital Photos (Photo Album) - $50

GoPro® Video SD Card:$40.00

Photo Album + GoPro® Combo - $80 (Video content from GoPro®, see above.) 

All prices displayed are subject to GST and PST.

Feel good about your purchase: Ziptrek will donate 10% from every photo, GoPro® and branded merchandise purchase to a charity of your choice. After making a purchase you will be presented with a token representing our donation, use this token to vote from a selection of rotating charitable organizations that are selected by our team monthly!


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