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Ziptrek has helped people of all ages and abilities to safely discover the love of zipping more than 5 million times in the outdoors and at major events. Ziptrek Inc. has extensive zipline experience and we are setting the standard on the delivery of commercial zipline experiences around the world. 

It all starts with delivering a safe experience. All adventure activities come with some inherent risks, but when safety of the guest is always seen as the number one consideration in delivering our tours, it naturally guides proper decision making and actions.

Ziptrek has won numerous awards in its 20+ years of operation in Whistler. As it relates to construction, all Ziptrek’s lines, bridges and platforms are engineered, built and tested to the highest standards in the industry and our systems exceed Canadian and US design and safety codes, while the company also holds international patents on its safety and braking systems. We continue to invest and innovate to ensure we are leading the industry in safety standards, and Ziptrek works with Government Standards Agencies to establish American and Canadian safety policies for ziplines. Our safety apparatus is routinely checked according to a set schedule and we monitor and maintain tree health given these beautiful living structures are part of the overall infrastructure.

All equipment including helmets are supplied by Ziptrek for your zipping pleasure. This includes a custom made, five-point padded harness and pulley system that are designed by us. Our patented braking systems are a unique part of the smooth ride and gentle deceleration designed for your rider comfort and enables almost anyone from 6 to 96 years to come zipping with us.

Ziptrek’s first core value is Safety. We know that with a safe culture, safe systems and safe equipment, we can have a prosperous business with a happy extended community. 

We would love to answer any inquiries about safety. Contact us!


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