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Ziptrek Ecotours truly delivers it all as a global leader in zipline based, adventure ecotourism. Ziptrek’s flagship location in Whistler, Canada first brought prominence to ziplining in North America and a second world class location in Queenstown, New Zealand has now set the standard for zipline based tours in the southern hemisphere. Ziptrek Tremblant, in Quebec, Canada is Ziptrek’s latest adventure and is poised to continue this trend of delivering unique and unparalleled guest experiences. These three landmark locales and other high profile projects including ziplines in downtown Vancouver, Canada as a feature attraction of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and an installation at Super Bowl Village 2012 in Indianapolis, USA have established Ziptrek Ecotours as a preeminent name in the adventure tourism industry.

On Ziptrek tours you enjoy an unforgettable opportunity to explore, learn and delight in the thrill of an aerial adventure in natural environments that lend themselves perfectly to an enlightening ecological curriculum. In Canada, whether high in the treetops in an ancient temperate rainforest, or enjoying spectacular vistas from the highest peak in the Laurentians, or in New Zealand, hundreds of feet above the pristine blue waters of Lake Wakatipu, these are ideal sites for interactive learning and outdoor adventure.

Your inspiring journey through the forest happens via a combination of ziplines, ground based trails, observation platforms, and depending on the location, suspension bridges. Ziplines are suspended steel cables - some of which are over 15 stories high and 7,000 feet long - that you ride from platform to platform. In order to fly on the zipline cables you are outfitted with a custom harness that is then attached to the zipline with a specialized pulley. At each aerial launch platform you simply and bravely step down the stairs until there is tension on the harness tethers, lift your feet and soar down the line reaching speeds up to 100 km/hr (62 mph). The harness system allows you complete freedom to move, take a look around and even enjoy your zipline ride hanging upside down if you wish.

Ziptrek Ecotours was founded by two lifelong friends and entrepreneurs, David Udow and Charles Steele, who came together with the goal of creating not only the first zipline tour in North America but also a tour that would provide you with the unique combination of true nature based learning and the rush of adrenaline felt while soaring over some truly spectacular vistas. Since its inception in 2002, Ziptrek’s mandate has been to provide an experience that far and away exceeds your expectations while following a sustainable business model and promoting the importance of The Natural Step Framework for sustainability both locally and globally.

Ziptrek is proud to conform to the United Nations principals of ecotourism. Among other things, Ziptrek supports local and international organizations also committed to environmental education, provides sustainable jobs in the community and creates its own renewable energy in an effort to lead by example. Collaborating with a team of passionate people from diverse backgrounds ensures that Ziptrek is an environmentally progressive company able to provide unparalleled adventures in an environmentally and socially responsible way.
Ziptrek Ecotours is eco-exhilaration®.

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