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Get to Know Whistler’s Glaciers

calendar_todayJuly 29, 2016 at 2:25 PM

Whistler is home to many glaciers which carved out and shaped the valley during the last Ice Age. These forces of nature receded to the mountain tops where they continue to slowly transform the landscape. What is a glacier? A glacier is defined as a slowly moving mass or river of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on mountains or near the poles.”

Glaciers are also responsible for a number of the lakes in the area - in fact, the glacial melt is what gives the alpine lakes their inviting turquoise hue.

Here are a few of our favourite local spots to take in these ancient forms:

seatosky highway views

Photo Credit: Mike Crane / Tourism Whistler

Sea to Sky Highway

You don’t even have to wait until you get to Whistler to see one! Pull off the highway at the designated viewpoint to be rewarded with a jaw-dropping view of the Tantalus glaciers huggin the jagged mountain peaks.

Sasquatch Zipline

Once you’ve ziplined through the forest and into the belly of the beast a glance up the valley will reveal the Fitzsimmons glacier sitting atop Mt Fitzsimmons.

alta lake whistler

Photo Credit: Mike Crane / Tourism Whistler

Alta Lake, Rainbow Park

You can take in a stunning view of Armchair Glacier and the surrounding mountains while you swim in the lake or relax on the grass.

Blackcomb Mountain

Hike the Overlord Trail on Blackcomb Mountain to come face to face with the immense glacier embedded on the range’s highest peak, Overlord Mountain (2625 m / 8612 ft).

overlord hike2

Photo Credit: Mike Crane / Tourism Whistler

Skywalk Trail

Whistler’s newest (and quickly becoming a favourite) trail, this hike will take you on a journey up to Iceberg Lake where a glacier sits right on the water’s edge.

Wedgemount Lake

An advanced but rewarding hike up, once there you’ll be greeted by a large glacier descending from the mountain top to meet the beautiful turquoise lake.

wedgemount lake whistler2

Photo Credit: Mike Crane / Tourism Whistler

If you want to hear more about Whistler’s natural wonders, check out the Whistler’s Geological History talks by Graham Sinclair happening throughout the summer or ask your guide next time you Ziptrek!

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