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Meet Our 2020 Winter Brand Ambassadors

calendar_todayJanuary 31, 2020 at 9:00 AM

In honour of the new decade, we're going bigger than ever before with the newest recruits to our brand ambassador program. This season we're pleased to introduce not three, or four, but FIVE fantastic Ziptrek team members who will be taking photos and videos for us to share with you this winter and spring!

You might even recognize a familiar face or two, as each one of our brand ambassadors are also guides or photographers on course. They'll be on hand to capture all of the magical moments that make each of our tours so unique and memorable.

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The ambassadors


blog daria

Hi, I'm Daria from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I began snowboarding last year in Eastern Canada and came out to Whistler to push myself out of my comfort zone and start a new adventure. In the summers I really enjoy hiking and biking. I wanted to work at Ziptrek because I'm afraid of heights and thought it might be a funny way for me to conquer my fear. 

Follow Daria on Instagram: @darialutz


blog connor

Hello, I'm from the NE England and have lived in Whistler for two years now. I came here for the mountains - I absolutely love skiing and was instructing last season. As for working at Ziptrek, I was originally a guide but have switched to become a photographer. I'd never even picked up a camera before doing this and ever since I've become fascinated with photography. My dream is to use this skill to promote environmental well-being and global conservation. Hopefully one day I end up taking photographs that have a profound impact on people. 

Follow Connor on Instagram: @connorbaynes


blog aimie

Hi, I'm Aimie, I'm a huge movie geek but more on that later. I am from the UK, my name badge says London, but that's not 100% accurate. I was born in Blackburn Lancashire, Moved to Hayle, Cornwall when I was six years old, and moved to London about seven years ago. 

I've been in Whistler a few months and I'm getting to grips with snowboarding, it is much harder than it looks, however, I don't think it will match up to my favourite sport, Football (soccer?) I follow Blackburn Rovers. I love working in photography as I love capturing the perfect moment and it's pretty close to my career as a director... And that leads me on to what I mentioned earlier, I am a massive movie geek, but let's not forget the great TV shows out there too. Doctor Who and Indiana Jones hold #1 place in my heart, I have met the main cast of the Avengers movies and have a priceless Captain America shield signed by over 40 cast members. Look forward to seeing you on the course.

Follow Aimie on Instagram: @ajdrinko


blog cian

My name Cian. I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I decided to quit my desk job back home and moved to Whistler in April 2019 to explore all the outdoor options this town has to offer. Since moving here I’ve picked up a lot of new sports with my favourite being snowboarding. If I’m not on the hill or at work you can usually find me plotting my next overseas adventures!

I decided to follow in my brother's footsteps and join the Ziptrek family when I arrived in Canada and haven't looked back since! I’ve really enjoyed working for Ziptrek as I really enjoy the people I work with and the diverse groups of people we meet on our tours.

Follow Cian on Instagram: @ciancccarroll


blog fiona

 My name is Fiona but you can just call me Fi. I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and after going to school for serval different subjects I decided to stop wasting money and start doing what I love- skiing. I try not to live my life in box and always open to new adventure but I have a feeling Whistler area is my long term home.

Guiding is a career I’m so excited to pursue and couldn’t be more thankful of Ziptrek for helping me get a taste for the tourism industry. One day I hope to be leading multi-day expeditions with the help of llamas to carry equipment. Hope to be zipping with you one day!!! 

Follow Fiona on Instagram: @fionascrivens

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