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Meet the 2018 Summer Brand Ambassadors

calendar_todayAugust 2, 2018 at 9:00 AM

#ZiptrekLife Photo: @kingfisherblueproductions

Meet our newest brand ambassadors who will be taking photos to share with you all summer long!

If they look familiar then you may have already met them before, as each one of our brand ambassadors also works somewhere on course. All of them are talented multi-tasking ninjas who will be capturing the moments that make each of our tours so special. Follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to see the latest photos and videos from these wonderful new recruits: 

The ambassadors


ziptrek summer2018 ambassador amanda

Hiya names Amanda, I’m half Australian half Irish and I’ve been living around Whistler and traveling the world since 2013. I like to think of myself as an adventurer, traveller and all around awesome chick and I've been lucky enough to be working here in Whistler as a guide for Ziptrek for the last couple of seasons. Originally snowboarding and a new adventure brought me to whistler but biking, hiking, eating, amazing views, exploring new countries far and wide and the people is what’s kept me here. What I love the most my job is the amazing people you get to meet and working in the great outdoors.

Follow Amanda on Instagram: @amandacummins


IMG 20171025 135756 098 copyHi, I'm Lankika and this is my first summer working with Ziptrek, as a photographer. Originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka now I call Ottawa, Canada where I have lived for almost 10. I like taking photos of people, fashion, urban streets and architecture. I think my strength in photography lies in portature and fashion, which I hope to some day make a career out of. I love playing and watching cricket along with movies in my spare time. So far I love my time in Whistler and the West Coast, which I visited for the first time this summer; Ziptrek and my coworkers here have been the main reason behind this along with the scenic mountains and lakes.

Follow Lankika on Instagram: @lankika


ziptrek summer2018 ambassador pip

Hi, my name is Pip and I am from Perth, Australia. I have been living in the Canadian mountains for 3 years now and moved to Whistler this spring. I participated in a Ziptrek tour a few years ago with my mom and from then it was always a goal to come and work here. I have loved every minute of working with Ziptrek and getting to call this amazing place home, there is always so much to do and see and I get to work with incredible people who love the outdoors and exploring as much as I do.


 ziptrek summer2018 ambassador caleb2

Like many of the people in Whistler I am from Australia. I spent most of my childhood in Newcastle. I have only lived in Whistler for the summer, having arrived back in May. I came to Whistler because out of all the sSummer jobs that I got accepted for, being a zipline guide in Whistler was the most appealing. Being a Ziptrek guide appeals to my sense of adventure as I love exploring; whether it be on foot, skis, snow shoes or crampons. I really like that as a Ziptrek guide you get to spend all day out in the forest instead of inside or somewhere less amazing.

Follow Caleb on Instagram: @caleb_sayers


See more awesome photos and videos by our brand ambassadors on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!

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