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Meet the 2019 Winter Brand Ambassadors

calendar_todayJanuary 31, 2019 at 9:00 AM

We're delighted to introduce you to our newest brand ambassadors who will be taking photos and videos for us to share with you this winter and spring!

Don't be surprised if you notice a familiar face or two, as each one of our brand ambassadors are also guides on course. These inspiring double agents will be capturing the magical moments that make each of our tours so unique and memorable. Follow along with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest to see all of the latest photos and videos from our talented new recruits: 


The ambassadors



Hi, I'm Marie and I was born in Berlin, the busy metropolitan capital of Germany. My parents decided to move to Thuringia when I was 8 years old, a place which has more trees than humans and is also known as “the green heart” of Germany. Living just 500 meters away from the forest and half an hour from a small ski hill I became a little ski racer in my teens before I pursued a carrier in film-production which brought me back to Berlin and later on to the beautiful cities of Lisbon and Edinburgh. In the winters I would leave my film projects for a couple of weeks to teach skiing in the Swiss Alps and of course to have some ski adventures for my own. 

In these recent years, I almost developed a split personality with one half wanting to live in a quiet place in the mountains and the other half craving for an international film, art and music scene. Whistler seemed to be a place where I can have both, so I packed my pack and came here just 3 months ago. Working for Ziptrek as a guide gives me a lot of joy. It combines adventure and education, and I can walk and zip through the trees every day. It is a great job to stay fit for ski touring adventures on my weekends and to spread the word about the importance of sustainability. Who would not like to have this job?

Follow Marie on Instagram: @m_fresh



Hey, I’m Andrew, I’m originally from London, Ontario Canada but have been calling western Canada home now for almost five years. 

I have been guiding at Ziptrek since May 2018 and still get a kick out of meeting new friends every day from all over the world with a story to tell and an experience to share. 

When I’m not “working”, I can often be found on the ski slopes, on the golf course or finding a good hiking trail. 

With a background in journalism and media, I look forward to sharing some cool shots from around the Ziptrek course & Whistler as well with everyone! 


Follow Andrew on Instagram: @andrew25evans



Hiya, names Amanda, I'm from Australia and Ireland and I have been living in this sweet little town we call Whistler for a couple of years working as a Tour Guide/Guest Services agent and Photographer for Ziptrek Ecotours. 

I love working in the beautiful BC mountains and on my days off you will find me out exploring especially on my snowboard, taking photos whenever I can as I’m still a tourist at heart and enjoying my time here in this winter wonderland.  



Follow Amanda on Instagram: @amandacummins


See more awesome photos and videos by our brand ambassadors on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!

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