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Meet The 2022 Summer Brand Ambassadors!

calendar_todaySeptember 6, 2022 at 10:47 AM

This summer, we had the pleasure of having three brand ambassadors who have been taking photos and videos for us to share with you!

They have been hands-on, capturing magical moments on course as well as on tour. Their faces might look familiar as each one of our brand ambassadors is a guide!


Cassaleigh - Tour Guide 

Cassaleigh is one of the guides and has been at Ziptrek for six months.

Fun Facts:

From: Nanaimo, Vancouver Island 🇨🇦

Favourite Food: Sushi 🍣 🍱

How do you reduce waste? Buy things in glass and use shampoo bars 🧼

Eco Tip: Just be more conscious; it doesn’t need to be a big change in your life for it to make a big difference.

Favourite Hike: Joffre Lakes 🏔

Favourite Whistler Restaurant: Samurai Bowl in Creekside 🍜 


Jamous - Senior Guide

Jamous is one of our senior guides and has been with Ziptrek for over two years! 

Fun Facts:

From: he grew up in Syria 🇸🇾 up until he was 17

Favourite Travel Spot: Canadian Rockies

How do you reduce waste? Use a reusable mug and water bottles.

 Eco Tip: Buy clothing from thrift stores and Re-Use It centers; you save money and the environment. 👕🩳

Favourite Whistler Restaurant: Samurai Sushi  🍱

Favourite Hike: Cheakamus Lake 🏔


Jess - Course Supervisor 

Jess is not only one of our course supervisors but she is also a return brand ambassador from the winter. Jess has been part of the Ziptrek family for five years, with some of that time spent working at our location in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Fun Facts:

Favourite Travel Spot: Fiordland National Park in New Zealand 🇳🇿

Favourite Food: Homemade Pizza 🍕

How do you reduce waste? By choosing plastic-free or reusable personal care items like laundry strips, shampoo bars, metal razor handles and menstrual products. 

Eco tip: Small changes can still have a significant impact! 

Favourite Hike: Musical Bumps Trail to Russet Lake 🏔

Favourite Whistler Restaurant: Hunter Gather

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