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Top 10 Ways to Zipline in Style

calendar_todayMarch 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM

We often have guests ask for tips on how to pose for a good zipline photo so we've put together a few of our favourite examples. 


zipline poses handsfree

1. Hands Free:

A great beginner pose, feeling the wind rush through your fingers is guaranteed to put a big grin on your face!


zipline poses starfish

2. Starfish:

Easy and a classic, the starfish always looks good in photos. Bonus points if you try it upside-down!


zipline poses usainbolt2

3. Usain Bolt:

Ziplining is probably the only time you’ll be faster than the world-record holder, so why not strike his signature pose? 


zipline poses lazboy

4. La-Z-boy:

Recline back like you’re in your favourite armchair, put your hands behind your head and cross your ankles as you take it all in. This is by far the most relaxing way to zipline from one mountain to the next.


zipline poses airguitar

5. Air Guitar:

A favourite of cool Dads everywhere, this one is a classic. Rock out across the zipline like you’re back in your parent’s garage.


zipline poses powerranger

6. Power Ranger:

Release your inner kid and strike a pose imitating your favourite childhood hero.


zipline poses bodybuilder

7. Body Builder:

Flex those biceps and pretend like you’re a body builder, we promise the camera adds 10 pounds (of muscle)…see?


zipline poses footgrab

8. Foot Grab:

This one is a little more advanced but works upside-down or right-side up - get creative with it and you really can't go wrong.


zipline poses floppy salmon

9. Floppy Salmon:

This is what happens sometimes when you try to get upside-down but don't make it all the way. It doesn't look that graceful in person but it can make a great photo (and entertain your tour mates)!


zipline poses upsidedown 

10. Upside down:

The most advanced and arguably the most fun way to zip, your guides will give you full instruction and personally demonstrate how to get upside down.

Once you’ve mastered getting upside down you can try out the many variations, grab a leg or both ankles, touch your toes, do the running man, do the splits, try some sit-ups or anything else you can think of—we love seeing new moves! Share yours with us on instagram with us by using #ziptrekwhistler or tag us, @ziptrek!



zipline poses whiteknuckled

11. White Knuckled:

Grasp the tether as tight as possible with eyes closed, this is a great way to experience the sensation of flying without the distraction of beautiful scenery.

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