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How to Have a Year of Adventure

calendar_todayDecember 31, 2016 at 9:00 AM

It’s almost 2017! But before we break out the bubbly and the fireworks- let's set you up to pack as much adventure into the next year as possible.



If you’re a 9 to 5’er and have limited time for adventure this step will have you making the most of your weekends and vacation time. Make a list, call it a Bucket List or your 2017 Resolutions, whatever you like but have something that’ll keep you focused- it’ll also give you the added satisfaction of crossing items off. Besides a list, book dates, check weather and make sure you’re appropriately prepared with gear, experience level, permits etc. for the adventure ahead. In short, do your research and commit your time.


Think Big and Small

We encourage you to think BIG (like taking on the longest zipline in Canada & the US) but also consider adding micro adventures to your list. Maybe there’s a waterfall near you that you’ve always wanted to check out but haven’t made the time? One way to make small adventures happen is by turning holidays and celebrations into adventure opportunities. For example, if you’d normally spend your birthday at a nice restaurant- invite your loved ones do something like a moon-lit snowshoe with you instead.

A good way to decided which adventures should make your list for 2017 is thinking about what boundaries you want to push or what personal growth you want to achieve. Want to get over your fear of heights? Come see us!

zipline upside down2


Explore Canada

The Government of Canada is celebrating 150 years in 2017 which means- all National Parks are free for an entire year! All you have to do is sign-up for a Discovery Pass. BC is home to 7 breathtaking National Parks alone, the hardest part of your trip may be choosing which ones to explore.

A popular travel route for skiers and hikers alike is; Whistler Revelstoke Kootenay Banff Jasper. Each destination is home to their own unique mountain culture and some of the best adventures Canada has to offer.


Appreciate all of the Moments

Now that you have some ideas for making 2017 unforgettable, don’t forget to enjoy it. Sometimes the experience itself is short lived compared to all the planning and effort that goes into. Bring the spirit of adventure into even the seemingly mundane tasks by throwing a packing party or getting your friends and family to help you with your list. Also, while we value capturing memories, once you’re on that mountain top or ziplining 600 ft above the forest floor  put the phone/camera away and give yourself a moment to take it all in.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Ziptrek!



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