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Learn How to Zipline Upside Down

calendar_todayJanuary 27, 2015 at 9:00 AM

One of the best features of our full bodied harnesses is the freedom of movement! On the last zipline of every tour (once everyone feels nice and confident) we encourage our guests to try ziplining upside down, but now you can get a head start by checking out Keir’s demonstration below:


Step by Step:

  • Face the platform (this is so you will clear the stairs right away)

  • Hold low on your yellow tether (in the video Keir’s is purple but guest tethers are yellow)

  • Bend your knees and pull them into your chest while leaning your head and upper body back

  • To stay upside down - cross your legs over the yellow tether

  • Let go of the tether and go hands free!

To right yourself, uncross your legs and look at your toes - your harness will naturally guide you back into a seated position.

Now you’re set! 

Upside down not your thing? Check out this post on other ways to zipline in style.

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